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DIY furniture made of pallets
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    Deutsch What took shape in the first part of the Pallet Canvas Chair DIY Howto is now finished. After the lounge chair was grinded, mounted and glazed, the provisional wiring/chaining had to be put in a sustaineable form, and at last, there was a critical lack of cushioning Addendum regarding the varnish: I went with […]

    The post Pallet canvas chair, DIY completed appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch I moved to a new flat, and therefore had to dissect some furniture. Transportation went fine, and afterwards, why not restructure some of the pallet furniture? This was mandatory for the pallet sofa which didn’t fit in its old L-Form, but with the double bed, i changed some details which i now really like. […]

    The post King size pallet bed, reassembled appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch A known phenomenon: when you start to work with pallets, you start to see them anywhere, I had a pallet glassed look through my neighbourhood already, and still i found quite a lot more pallet furniture just a short walk away. First, the “Kugelpudel” – in german, its the rhyming translation of “ball poodle”, […]

    The post Pallet furniture inspirations, Bochum, Pt.2 appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch The following needs not necessarily to be built with pallets, neither are pallets sufficient for its creation. The occasion for its construction were the really nice drawers i had as a leftover from a cupboard which reached its final destination while my last move to the new flat. I had to throw out most […]

    The post Pallet drawer cupboard for the kitchen appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch Between all the cuddly furniture stuff, a few pictures out of the RPG/LARP corner. What do you do when you like movies like Mad Max and role-playing games like Shadowrun? Those true at heart and strong at will build their own post-apocalyptic scenario and use it for play, fun and party. In such a […]

    The post Post apocalyptic pallets: Furnishing the Gran Paradiso Roadhouse Club appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch A kitchen shelf. Preferably in combination with a “workbench wall”, an area where you can hang kitchen utensils and cuterly, that was the plan. Frame conditions: wall space long enough for two pallet widths. Therefore: two pallets wide. Next, the window still should be opened, preferably without cullet. Moreover: a kitchen is a somehow […]

    The post Pallet kitchen shelf – DIY cupboard alternative appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch The “Observe Hack Make 2013″, shortened OHM2013 was this year’s Hacker camp in the Netherlands. I was there mostly because of internet- and socio-political reasons and issues and because of my general interest in fine people doing cool stuff with all kinds of electrical/electronical/other equipment, but as it happens, i also observed a quite […]

    The post Pallet Camping Bench – outdoor pallet furniture at OHM2013 appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch Very simple, but charming despite of, or actually because of that: the pallet bench/tablöe combination i saw outside Wuppertals Utopiastadt (“Utopia Town”, link in german), an alternative work/life area in an abandoned railway station. The palette bench is composed with (well, many) plain and simple stacked pallets, so is the table – two pallets […]

    The post Pallet outdoor bench and table, Utopiastadt Wuppertal appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch In many respects a first. I wasn’t too keen on creating cabinets before, the material and the expected results seemed “too clunky”, somehow inappropriate to me, and given the restrictions of the material, pallet cupboards just werent’t really obvious to me. Now, a cabinet. Furthermore: i guess in all of my posts, sooner or […]

    The post Euro pallet kitchen cabinet – small cupboard, pallet version appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch Preliminary notice: i wouldn’t recommend those projects as standalone. Not because the outcomes aren’t pretty, but effort/result may be quesitionable then. My main reasons for building these were I wanted to experiment with Tripods and oblique elements and i had a lot of leftovers from the kitchen cabinet. Didn’t want to throw this stuff […]

    The post Flower stands, small garden furniture: Pallet leftovers appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch Sauna is a wonderful thing. It disrupts deep relaxation though, when you see there large beautiful wooden side cabinet lanterns and get the thought “Oh, can we build something like that?”. Since we were in the sauna, i had no chance of taking a picture of my template/inspiration, but the result should be approximately […]

    The post Side cabinet, wind light from pallets, photo frame glass appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch As announced: the first small pallet wind light/cabinet caused some “hm, try different next time”-thoughts, and so I tried different. Just got three pallets from a friend, so why not try an alternate version directly afterwards? This time directly planned a bit smaller and with A4-sized glass panels – the A3-panels for version 1 […]

    The post Side cabinet, Wind Light made of Pallets: second attempt appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch The Ikea side table was not what i really wanted for some pen&paper role-playing by the fireplace, something bigger and more appropriate was needed, and I was inspired by a “floating pallet coffee table” i saw somewhere on the net and thought, the dfirection is right. A wrong direction would have been these “pallet, […]

    The post Pallet table: Coffee/Couch table from euro pallets DIY appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch My dearest bought some cool looking tealight hanging glasses and had the idea to build a kind of hanging table chandelier. On the last euro pallet we had a pretty birdlike brandmark, and since the “pallet candelabra” was to hang over the dining table, some more precise and clean work and especially finer sanding […]

    The post Tealight pallet-chandelier: pallet wood, beeswax finish appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch An experiment, and to be honest, against some kind of “pallet philosophy”: made with completely disassembled pallet wood. I always lack the “real pallet-like” feeling. The background here: the dimensions are given, you can not build a cabinet a half pallet size wide because it will be significantly too narrow (otherwise: too wide) for […]

    The post Bathroom cabinet: cupboard below sink from pallet timber appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch Slightly bigger project, with a background story. And some “non-pallet-material”. It all started with my dearest wanting to make some rustic forest work pictures. More precisely, we wanted some cool looking wood for tealight holders. Looking around in the forest, we found a great-looking, bark-beetle gnawed small tree. Beetles/larvae all gone, so we sawed […]

    The post Euro Pallet dresser with bark beetle branches and LEDs appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch We have a new roommate, who needs some home furniture. I still have some spare wood from the bark beetle wood action lately (the dressing table), so it comes to mind to build a cat scratching post with an integrated cat villa with viewing platforms. Once again, no “pure pallet furniture” project – one […]

    The post Cat scratching post and cat house from pallet wood, bark beetle wood appeared first on Pallet Furniture.

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    Deutsch First, we had some holiday somwhere around Katowice, Poland, and well, they make use of pallets for furniture stuff there, too. Second, some people here at home at “Utopiastadt” do some nice and creative stuff, and i’d love to join in, but there’s also still some stuff to do here. But nevertheless, some third-hand-inspirations. […]

    The post Pallet Furniture Inspirations: Poland, Wuppertal and other appeared first on Pallet Furniture.